Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I need an ultrasound scan?

There are many possible reasons. You may have a family history of, for example, heart trouble, ovarian cancer, gallstones or aortic aneurysm and simply want reassurance. Perhaps your local hospital doesn’t offer the type of scan that you want. Common examples of this include testicular screening and nuchal translucency scanning. You may be on a waiting list for ultrasound at your local hospital but would prefer not to wait. Whatever the reason, COPD AWARE can help. We offer you a route to fast, effective care at a time to suit you.
How do I get an ultrasound scan done?

For some scans, you simply make an appointment with us. For others, you will need to ask your GP to refer you. We will guide you through the process.
Who will carry out the scan?

Scanning at COPD AWARE is performed by ultrasound practitioners, specialists in the field who work hand-in-hand with the NHS throughout the UK. The static, top-end equipment they use is at the very forefront of technology, giving you the comfort of knowing that you are in the best possible hands.
How much will it cost?

With prices starting at just £55, you’ll find our rates to be surprisingly low. We’ll discuss these with you at the outset, before you decide whether or not to proceed.
Will my medical insurers pay for my ultrasound scan?

In many cases, yes but you will need to speak to them first.
Is ultrasound safe?

Yes. There are no known harmful effects associated with the use of ultrasound.
Does it hurt?

No. It’s a totally painless procedure.
How long does an ultrasound scan take?

Depending upon the type of examination, between 15 & 45 minutes.
How will I get my results?

In some cases, a report will be given to you directly (with a copy being given to your GP if you wish). In other cases, your results will be given to your GP who will then communicate them to you.

Ultrasound scans at COPD AWARE

Obstetrics (pregnancy)
Musculoskeletal (sports injuries)
Cardiac (heart)
Vascular (blood vessels)


An ultrasound examination is a painless medical examination which uses soundwaves to “see” inside the body. No radiation is used in ultrasound. A transducer (which is like a small microphone) is placed over the area of the body being examined. Soundwaves pass through the skin from the transducer and echoes are reflected back to it. Those echoes are converted into electrical signals which can then be viewed as images on a television screen.