How long before conception should we be planning?
Preparing for a pregnancy at least three to six months before conception is beneficial to allow both you and your partner to be prepared both physically and mentally.

Why is pre-pregnancy planning important?
A pre-pregnancy checkup can help to identify health problems and therefore help to prevent many pregnancy risks by assessing:

Blood pressure
DietWeight to Height Ratio (BMI)
Alcohol and smoking status
Drug intake (prescribed and non prescribed)
Pre-existing disease
Previous immunity to certain infections
Family history of inherited or genetic conditions
Previous pregnancy problems.

Do fathers need pre-pregnancy care?
Yes. Smoking and alcohol intake plays an important part in fertility and may be an area where reduction or cessation may be helpful.

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Pre-Pregnancy Advice Clinics

All women of childbearing age can take steps even before conception to improve their chances of having a healthy baby. These include adopting a healthy lifestyle, stopping smoking and reducing their alcohol intake.

A pre-pregnancy health checkup can take a closer look at certain health areas for both you and your partner. Our trained health professionals can help assess and advise on any changes necessary and suggest the best course if any problems are detected.