Ultrasound Scanning Obstetrics (pregnancy)

At COPD AWARE, we recognise that there is nothing more important than the health and well being of you and your family. This is particularly true during pregnancy which, although an exciting time, is one during which natural anxieties can arise.
We can help. The ultrasound specialists at COPD AWARE are here to work with you at any time during your pregnancy, monitoring the growth and development of your baby as the weeks pass.

The Scans Available

3D/4D scan
Early pregnancy scan (7 – 11 weeks)
Nuchal translucency scan (11-13+5 weeks)
Early Assessment Scan (12 – 18 weeks)
Detailed anatomy scan (19 – 24 weeks)
Growth scan (24 weeks and onwards)

The Service

Ultrasound scanning at COPD AWARE is done in a relaxed and informal environment, giving you time to enjoy seeing your baby on a specially positioned screen. If you want, we can provide you with still pictures of your baby or even a recording to take home with you.

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Obstetrics (pregnancy)
Musculoskeletal (sports injuries)
Cardiac (heart)
Vascular (blood vessels)

An ultrasound examination is a painless medical examination which uses soundwaves to “see” inside the body. No radiation is used in ultrasound. A transducer (which is like a small microphone) is placed over the area of the body being examined. Soundwaves pass through the skin from the transducer and echoes are reflected back to it. Those echoes are converted into electrical signals which can then be viewed as images on a television screen.