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COPD AWARE can help you choose from a wide range of assessments, depending on your age and lifestyle, to find exactly the right health assessment for you. We offer medicals, “whole body” health screening as well as a number of focused screens including:-

General Health Screening
Infertility Screening
Ovarian Screening
Testicular Screening
Cardiac Screening
Vascular Screening

Early detection of many diseases can save lives. Even if you have no symptoms at present, our tests can detect many conditions in their early stages, allowing access to early treatment and care. We offer corporate as well as individual health screening programmes and these can be tailored to the requirements of your individual company.

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We all know that today’s lifestyles can take their toll on our health but many people have a “it won’t happen to me” attitude. Unfortunately, for some it does.

Each year in the UK:-

300,000 people (many of them under 40) have a heart attack
110,000 people (about 10% of them under 55) have a stroke
Nearly 41,000 cases of breast cancer are diagnosed
More than 20,000 people die from bowel cancer
Over 20 million working days are lost through ill health.

Regular health screening at COPD AWARE is a simple and cost-effective way for you to identify and reduce some of your risk factors and to obtain good health advice. You’ll also receive the added benefits of reassurance and peace of mind.