Cosmetic Dentistry and What It Involves

Cosmetic dentistry is a specialist aspect of dentistry that has become increasingly popular amongst individuals who want to enhance the appearance of their smile, and there are many dental jobs that fall into this category.

Cosmetic dentistry aims to improve a person’s smile and overall appearance creating a more attractive look for a person.  People who undergo cosmetic dentistry are often termed as having a ‘Hollywood smile or a smile makeover and this is a popular treatment with dentists.

Having a good smile can have a positive effect on a person as it can boost their self-confidence and give them an edge.

There are many different treatments that a person can choose from in cosmetic dentistry, a few consist of; teeth whitening, gum contouring, smile makeovers and tooth implants – recommended by most dentists for those gaining a new perfect smile. Find out more.

Cosmetic Facial Treatments

Many dental practices offer facial rejuvenation and can offer their clients a complete smile makeover which includes changing the colour of their teeth and straightening out their teeth making them perfectly aligned.

Procedures Available

Revolutionary treatments such as the Invisalign treatment can straighten crooked teeth and straighten up any gaps between the teeth. Invisalign treatment uses an invisible clear brace, unlike conventional metal braces.

Therefore patients undergoing the Invisalign treatment can rest assured that their teeth will be straightened out discreetly without a visible metal brace which can often take away the beauty of a person’s smile. See My Invisalign Story.

Dental Implants are another effective cosmetic dental treatment which involves having an artificial replacement for the root canal part of your tooth which is anchored to support the jaw bone. Advantages here.

For people who want a quicker cosmetic dental treatment, the 6-month smile treatment is effective in making the teeth straighter and more aligned.

The 6 months smile treatment is relatively new to the UK but in the USA it is proving popular, especially among celebrities and people who want a quick solution for their badly damaged teeth.