Early pregnancy scan (7 – 11 weeks)

Ultrasound Scanning Obstetrics (pregnancy) Early pregnancy scan (7 – 11 weeks)This scan is particularly useful for women who have had previous miscarriages or early pregnancy problems and would like reassurance. It allows an assessment to be made of the number of babies you are carrying, your due date and the general wellbeing of your baby.

Obstetrics (pregnancy)
Musculoskeletal (sports injuries)
Cardiac (heart)
Vascular (blood vessels)
ThyroidAn ultrasound examination is a painless medical examination which uses soundwaves to “see” inside the body. No radiation is used in ultrasound. A transducer (which is like a small microphone) is placed over the area of the body being examined. Soundwaves pass through the skin from the transducer and echoes are reflected back to it. Those echoes are converted into electrical signals which can then be viewed as images on a television screen.